Faculty Member of Addictions, Faculty for People with Intellectual Disabilities & Faculty of Psychosis & Complex Mental Health (P&CMH) (Associate)

Faculty Member of Addictions, Faculty for People with Intellectual Disabilities & Faculty of Psychosis & Complex Mental Health (P&CMH) (Associate) 

Division of Counselling Psychology - DCoP (General without GBC) - Division of Academics, Researchers & Teachers in Psychology - DARTP (General)

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I’m so excited as my British Psychological Society Memberships and subscriptions officially starts tomorrow after the direct debit has been debited for my active diplomate faculty of levels in Special Group for Independent Practitioners - SGIP (Affiliate), Social Psychology Section (Student), Psychology of Education Section (Student), Political Psychology Section (Student), Faculty of Addictions (Associate), Faculty for People with Intellectual Disabilities (Associate), Division of Counselling Psychology- DCoP (General without GBC), Community Psychology Section (Student). I am really looking forward to October as well when I go back to enhance my studies with The Open University part time, while developing my entrepreneurship in arts therapy community discourse.

I’m registered for 750 hours CPD. Wondering who will help other than my online community discourse I interact with? I can’t publish everything, as 2022 Suicide Prevention Summit, helps to raise funds for a worthwhile cause! #bps

10 CPD hours of my 750 CPD hours are set aside for the CPD certificate session attendance 2022 Suicide Prevention Summit, 11-12 September 2022.

The British Psychological Society have an upcoming response to the Joint Committee of MPs & Lords calling for evidence (OCA review of evidence based practice) on the Draft Mental Health Bill, reform intentions for the Mental Health Act. #bps

My induction and enrolment forms for Bath College Counselling Skills Certificate L2 (Online) have been processed, and now I wait to be assigned to an assessor who will mark my part time learning and skills to provide feedback.

I’m The Open University Open Bachelor of sciences & Master of sciences is meant to take 10 years to achieve such studies. Gaps are gaps and after finishing with a Master’s a PhD makes it take even longer plus portfolio extras…

I’m looking for 4 partners to team up with that qualified in psychiatry, psychology, law as a solicitor and a social worker of any of the types to offer a new service to disburden a divested Government of debts caused by unprofessionals fraud so we can execute the mental health act via assessment and detention, and mental capacity act assessment and detention, community treatment order assessment and detention plus deprivation of liberty safeguards assessment and detention in workplace restrictions because of my 10 year open bachelor of sciences and master of sciences degree that’s more accredited now and continuing professional development as a SGIP (Associate & Student) DCoP (General without GBC), Faculty Member of Addictions and my Level 2 MHFA, Counselling plus Safeguarding equivalents of my portfolio. If you’re qualified or mum or dad is and wants part time work plus 2% of my company and the shares they could ever want to buy into then let them know or contact me, okay.

Yeah, I have been invited to S22CNS2/ERF1A, Counselling Skills Certificate L2 (Online), 22/23 at Bath College

I engaged with my #bps learning in Exploring barriers to men talking about their mental health webinar.

Don’t internalise harm to harm yourself nor anyone else. Never give up, you are better than that. Together we reduce harm to the discourse of no self harm without harming others because we are free of harm and it cannot interfere with us!

I engaged with my #bps learning in Talking about diversity among LGBTQ+ people webinar.

The deprecative and self deprecating anthrodendum of humour and conflict is anthrodynamic discourse when defence internalises harm because of loneliness, sadness, fear and anger.

A Blind Spot to Male Victims, and the Downfall of Boris Johnson https://sincerecommunity.org/f/a-blind-spot-to-male-victims-and-the-downfall-of-boris-johnson via #UkSincere #TWITTER #TheCentreForMalePsychology #blog #therapist #supportworker #detox #CogPsych #DCP #CPD #sincerecommunity

I engaged with the #bps learning in #DecolonisingTheCurriculum webinar.

I engaged with my #bps learning in #ClassClinPsych webinar.


Stress Awareness Month 2022 - The Stress Management Society https://www.stress.org.uk/national-stress-awareness-month/ #stressawarenessmonth #mindfulness #mindset #therapy #detox #discourse #sincerecommunity

Don’t trivialise how I make a sincere difference to intellectual disabilities illiteracies for double negatives in a fallacy of relevance, that has been littered with fraud.

The electric mind and elementary states of man, machines, ethics and technology.

Have any of you thought of discussing the differences between stimulus (input) and responses (output) to understand what is up with the psychology of both, and anything within such stimulus and responses? What can be directly observed is something you can measure. This means that the observable and measurable is analogous to sciences like Physics and Chemistry. 

Cognitive Psychology characterises Behaviourism as the science of behaviour.

Do you have a memory of a situation that you have talked about in the past whereby you can understand the differences between the input and output of what happened at the time that made you think and feel the way you did? Is there anything within the differences between the input and output of that that you remember from the conversation you had about the place and people of that life event?


The South West of England Branch presents: The Gathering: Homeless, not Hopeless - The British Psychological Society https://www.bps.org.uk/event/south-west-england-branch-presents-gathering-homeless-not-hopeless #bps #free #event #agentsforchange #futurelearn #homelessness #therapist #detox #supportworker #ceo #cea #cao #sincerecommunity

This photo is my Facebook messenger and a recent #CogPsych experiment I did with the group member participant, Tony Sawdo. He agreed to do participate in 2 lots of 6 itemised tests containing 10 letters. The experiment looks for similar and dissimilar results based on Phonemes. PhonSimScore is a result of phonological confusion regarding similar sounding letters or words. It’s important to be aware of speech disorders and look for creative ways to counter issues with attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving, creativity, and reasoning. 

After my accident when I was 5 years old and eating through a straw for 2 months without being able to speak and then having to learn to pronounce my alphabet, ETC. properly all over again and keep practicing to improve my inability to speak properly was difficult and took a lot of practice growing up.

The brain is weird and amazing, and most people have a lot personality and a sense of humour, while being really intelligent within different ranges of what really interests them. The same when they’re intoxicated. 

Understanding the psychotic nerve as dynamic rather than between a range within being chronic aphasia is the knowledge awareness I was looking to understand.

My friend Tony has Aspergers, which is nothing to feel embarrassed about or ashamed of. 

For the learning distinctions in loads of workshop resources online that deal with confusing letters like M & N, so kids and adults can have fun developing their learning experience while enjoying the skills of remembering as they engage in the perceptive understanding of experimental therapy to give insight into improvements and the need for improvements like this experiment for my coursework at University is all important.

Thanks Tony. — thinking about Sincere Community Productive Learning & Growth at Sincere Community Director PSC, CAO, CEO & CEA Bath City Life Journal.

Reflection-in-action and Reflection-on-action is informal thing to do because it is a personal and familiar way to be critical of issues that are concerned with analysing formal feedback as part of our informal conversations.

Week 4: Reflection and feedback: View as single page https://www.open.edu/openlearn/mod/oucontent/view.php?id=19238&printable=1 #logic #criticism #mindfulness #mindset #thinking #thoughtfulness #decisions #OpenLearn #theopenuniversity #therapy #detox #caring #motivation #philosophy #psychology #arts #humanities #socialsciences  #communitydiscourse #sincerecommunity

Counter-examples https://www.futurelearn.com/info/courses/logical-and-critical-thinking/0/steps/9151 #FutureLearn  #logic #criticism #sincerecommunity

How to support mental health at work | Mental Health Foundation

https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/explore-mental-health/publications/how-support-mental-health-work #mentalhealthfoundation #support #sincerecommunity


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